I’ve always struggled with this. I’m a songwriter, a singer, a guitar player, a friend, a lover, a dreamer; human. I write what I feel. I write to tell the truth. 


I grew up in a suburb outside of Cleveland. A grey town most of the year, but beautiful when the sun hits it. Something that has inevitably made it’s way into my music. Keeping my emotions at bay has always been a challenge for me. In my youth I had struggled with it a great deal. I was a hockey player as a kid and would channel it through that, until I had knowingly heard Nirvana for the first time. That changed everything for me.


I had found the outlet I was looking for and ran with it. Playing in various grunge and rock bands over the years eventually lead me to where I am now, musically. 


Songs have always found a way through me. I write because I’ve had no other choice. My ear follows what the aether is whispering, or sometimes shouting, and I create a vehicle for it. It’s a cosmic thing and I try my best to capture it.


I love making music. If I can inspire you to feel what you ought to through the art I create, then that is a success to me.

Music should strike to the core and rouse the soul within it. 


I am still learning to love and live this life to the fullest. I love big flannels and cowboy quotes. I follow my heart and look to the stars for answers. I want to make music for the rest of my life, and I want to be honest in doing so.


Matt Moody

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