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Cleveland, OH born and Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Matt Moody writes songs that meet somewhere between rust belt grit, western tropes and vulnerable melancholia. A prolific songwriter & performer, Moody's journey thus far has landed him on notable stages such as The Hotel Cafe, Douglas Corner Cafe and Bonnaroo (the latter as a member of Wax Owls). Having been at it for well over a decade amongst the midwest & Tennessee, Moody has found himself collaborating with some big hitters in the biz; co-writing songs with Steve Cropper and Karen Staley.


Still a Kid in a Painted Sky is the sophomore album from Matt, released June 10th, 2022. Poetic and honest, Moody's writing and production style on his debut echoes a wide range of influence in the cowboy genre-sphere from heroes like Tom Petty to Jonathan Wilson. Rooted in American rock, pop and folk music with the storytelling approach of an epic, Painted Sky touches on themes of hope, desperation, love, loss, betrayal and ego death. Tracks like "Puttin' It Off" and "Shadows" evoke a dreamer's laissez faire attitude towards life and one's manifest destiny, while "California" and "Driftin'" accentuate the darkness underlying passion and the desire one experiences when reaching for something larger than themselves. Decorated with lush scenic soundscapes, boisterous horns, somber slide guitars and an overall dreamlike warmth, Still a Kid is sonically rooted in an era gone-by while simultaneously summoning a modern take on the drifter's philosophy. "Do what feels right" Moody and close collaborator, Hannah Stak, chant on the closing track "Miller Lite”; a mantra for Matt's way of life and attitude towards music.


Matt's music has been featured in TV series such as MTV's Teen Mom 2 and Hulu's How I Met Your Father. He remains busy in California, touring up & down the coast, writing and touring as a member of Wax Owls and continually working on new music.


Nina’s in the back with her mind made up
we should get to heaven with a little luck
57 chevy or a pickup truck
just keep me on top, keep me on top

I was never good at playin rainbow road
cheap thrills are boughten and cheap thrills are sold
moving like molasses in the afternoon
me and my girl will get to heaven soon

but I keep putting, putting it off

but I keep putting, putting it off

Pour a glass of wine and let the universe
take its damn time with the human curse
fables are forgotten feeble and rehearsed
digging that dirt, digging that dirt

Angels and devils in a hurricane
washing me clean of every sin I’ve made
Hollywood’s calling every ball and chain
try to keep sane, try to keep sane

but I keep putting, putting it off

but I keep putting, putting it off

Do we ever make it to kingdom come?
with all I've done it's never enough


That's my baby sitting on the couch
talking about yoga, undoing her blouse
she's emotional and I'm okay with that
like a flower

she gets

away with it

I've got friends and I've got enemies
turns out, they both got ahead of me
mono a mono, head in my hands

oh the things that i can't comprehend
chewing it over again and again
then I remember we'll all be dust
so I don't mind

it too much

Call me up and riddle me good
my daddy's in the shop

while momma gets wood
we're a long way now from the neighborhood

and that supper bell

Homemade sins and breakaway lambs
I've got my sights set on Japan
like an eagle I'll fly to the top of the charts at last

or maybe my moment's passed
then i remember it's just dumb luck
so I don't mind

it too much

So what's the big takeaway here you ask
well it feels like I've been yappin' my best
but I don't have much left

that ain't been said
except we'll all be dead
like rocks and such
and I don't mind

it too much


Every day in autumn is a lonely spell
when your heart goes missing at John Wayne's motel
in the not far distance I can see the view
surely I'll be better all because of you

Say ooh, say

I'm so tired of being my worst
that I'm putting love first

Think we gravitated 

I have payed my dues
all the time that's wasted chasing avenues
I don't need the money or a golden key
I have found an answer 

right in front of me

She say ooh, I say

I'm so tired of being my worst
that I'm putting love first

Wasn't made for television
this wasn't made for masquerades
you are all I've ever wanted

now say

ooh, say

I'm so tired of being my worst
that I'm putting love first 


Im shocked, how could you be so cold?
And then pretend like you don’t know
Wish I could move on down the road
Wish I could turn away

I search for hope

there's not a trace
Whats behind that empty gaze?
Its like your lost in outer space
Like you don’t feel a thing

You built me up 

you broke me down
Ive been a fool for sticking around
You put up a fence to keep me out
I should’ve known from the start
I'm not surprised this fell apart
I bet you have a graveyard full of hearts

Still find it so hard to believe 
That you could care less if I leave
I guess that I'm not what you need and
That’s hard for me to say

I just cant take it anymore
Theres not enough here to fight for
You never loved me like before
Can't even look me in the eyes

 Wish I could walk away


It really shows

you don't know me at all
I'm tired of feeling two feet small

I gave a chance for you to come around
but you painted all in red across the town
through all our ups and downs

I got the news
you've been talkin' to who knows who
I'm cutting you loose
I'm cutting you loose

Thats some nerve of you
you threw me under the bus my dude
I'm cutting you loose
I'm cutting you

Right out of this
I had to put an end to all those nasty things you said
I had your back
when did you have mine?
you took a blade and twisted it in my spine
at least I've got my peace of mind


When I wake up in the morning every part of me's dead
pull me out bed
fix my coffee, hit the lighter and roll over again
is it ever gonna end

Well there's wind blowing in my hair
flowers on the guarder rail
sometimes feeling innocent
Mona Lisa in a benz

Pick me up and drop me off
I could never learn to bend
but I'm softening

I've been in a spell
feeling overwhelmed
drowning in the light
it's alright 

it's alright

Well i guess i should get over my self
its not like you could help
quick, there's a party in the valley I think we should attend
they said to bring your friends


I still ignore the signs
mad about the candle light
tell me I'm not acting right
speeding on a stormy night

tears falling into rain
something to disguise the pain
till theres nothing left to face

I've been in a spell
feeling overwhelmed
drowning in the light
it's alright

it's alright

It's alright

its alright
it's all gone


Hold me down
and break me in
I am dust
fading skin

and when I die
don't forget 
I'm just
crashing in the ocean
of everything

All my life
been facing it
opened eyes
will let you in

So when you die
I won't forget 
you're just
crashing in the ocean
of everything

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