"The only reputation we know about Matt Moody is for being one of the city’s catchiest songwriters.” - Cleveland Magazine


I grew up in Cleveland, OH. A grey town most of the year, but beautiful when the sun hits it. A melancholia that has inevitably made its way into my music. I've recently re-located to Los Angeles, CA.


I've drawn from many influences over the years, worn many hats in the industry, and have had my fair share of failures, but what's life without f*cking up a few good times? Things are really starting to come full circle for me, and now more than ever, I'm staying focused on what's important: making honest art.

Some of my favorite albums include New Radicals - New Radicals, 

Harvest Moon - Neil Young, This Desert Life - Counting Crows and 3121 - Prince to name a few.


I'm currently at work on a self-produced concept album. It'll be my largest project to date and what I feel is the most genuine expression I've created thus far. Singles from the album should be expected starting in 2021.


For those of you who have been following my journey for quite some time, I love y’all. If you’re just now stumbling across what I do, Howdy. It took me a while to realize that life’s less about what you gain and more about what you give.


Till the sun sets under the painted sky,